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Our Products

Take a look at our wide range of custom window treatments below. From elegant shades to sleek shutters, we have the perfect fit for your home or business.


Roller Shades

Capture the spirit of modern living and contemporary style with Roller Shades. Our diverse collection of screen, decorative, and blackout fabrics multiplies our design styles into hundreds of solutions.

• Any room and decor, but especially guest and children's rooms
• Both homes and businesses

• Those who want their view unobscured when not in use

• Clean, simple, and uncluttered look

Solar Shades

Roller Shades with extra UV protection, Solar Shades are both practical and effective at blocking out that glaring sun. A minimal look with UV efficiency is their hallmark. Unbeatable style and performance is their legacy. Exterior shades available.

• East and South-facing windows for glare, light, and heat control

• Home offices and sun rooms  

• Open concept rooms with high windows

•Those who still want to see out their window when the shade is down

Screenshot 2023-10-11 180706_edited.jpg

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

The cell construction of honeycomb shades helps insulate your windows, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in summer just like a thermos. Watch your energy bills drop and your environmental friendliness ramp up. Honeycomb shades come with several options that help maximize your view, including top-down-bottom-up and sheer.

• Keeping privacy while maintaining your view
• Home energy efficiency
• Maximizing your view
• Room darkening for sleep or media use

Plantation Shutters

Not only do they give off that classic charm, but shutters also provide energy efficiency, easy maintenance, light control, and safety. They provide cost savings even long after they are installed. Available in real wood and composite materials.

• Any room or décor
• Children and infants
• A cord-free option
• Easy clean up and increased durability


Dual Shades

Contemporary and stylish, Dual Shades practically float with purposeful ease. Fabric bands glide past each other allowing for varying levels of light control, view-through, and privacy. For heightened privacy or filtered sunlight, this single shade will cause a "double" take (pun intended).


• Living rooms and offices

• View, privacy, and UV protection all in one

• Having a slated appearance but the option for your full view when desired

Natural Woven Shades

Both elegant and exotic, Natural Woven Shades are the go-to for interior designers world-wide. Organic fibers, from jute to rattan and bamboo to wood, bring global texture and international style right to your very own zip code.



• Living rooms and bedrooms

• Transforming light with textures and patterns

• Sun rooms, casual décors or rooms with exotic appeal


Wood Blinds

Let the traditional look of wood warm up a room with two distinct options: wood and faux wood.


Our natural wood blind slats are carefully finished to bring out the grain’s inherent beauty and natural appeal



• Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms

• Stately privacy

• Directional light and privacy control

• Shielding your furnishings from direct sunlight

Faux Wood Blinds

Constructed of durable, improved temperature performance materials for moisture resistance, durability, longer life, and cost efficiency.



• Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or kid's rooms

• Care-free upkeep

• Moisture resistant

• Directional light and privacy control


Aluminum Blinds

Uniquely modern, vintage and industrial-pro all at once, Aluminum Blinds add a sleek, metallic vibe to a kitchen or man-cave. A simple twist of the wrist opens up the view or closes to privacy. Choose from a rainbow of colors, and you have instant design on a dime.



• Kitchens, mud room and laundry rooms

• High privacy with low maintenance

• Easy operation

• Moisture Resistant

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds can create—or accentuate— the feeling of space and height. With the twist of a wand, transform harsh sunlight into a softened twilight. Our versatile vinyls and decorative styles offer easy design solutions on a big scale.



• Sliding glass doors or large windows

• Effortless operation and easy maintenance

• Directional light and privacy control



Take your windows to the next level with motorized blinds and shades. Motorizing your window coverings frees your home of extra strings and cords, making it more safe for children and pets. Whether you choose the remote control or the wand, motorization gives you convenience at the touch of a button. Available on most products.


• Hard to reach or tall windows

• Convenience

• Increasing safety for children and pets

Smart Drapes

Our innovative Smart Drapes give you the best of both worlds when covering your sliding glass doors. They function like blinds, but look like beautiful drapes.



• Sliding glass doors or large windows

• Elegant alternative to vertical blinds

• Effortless operation and easy maintenance

• Soft look of drapery

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